2 reasons why the Impact Player rule in IPL will not help Team India in the long run


Impact Player Rule is an introduction from IPL 2023. While the rule is exciting and is adding a layer to the game, in the long run, it may not help Team India, one of the main objectives of the IPL. It needs to be noted that ICC is yet to get this rule for international cricket and even if that happens, it will take a while. On that note, in this article, we take a look at why the Impact Player rule in IPL will not help Team India in the long run.

1) India will not be able to develop all-rounders in pressure circumstances

 The impact of all-rounders has reduced because teams can now have a specialist in the squad depending on when they are batting first or second. For instance, the likes of Venkatesh Iyer have not bowled in IPL 2023 while the likes of Axar Patel are not finishing their quota every game. IPL is used to develop players under pressure but with this new rule, there could be a lack of quality all-rounders for Team India in the future.

2) A switch in tactics will be needed for the leadership group

The Indian players are now used to the rule. Especially those belonging to the leadership group such as Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya now know that they have an extra option up their sleeve. However, they will not have the same when captaining Team India. Yes, it has been this way ever since the format started but IPL has a massive influence on the thinking of the captains and if a clear line is not drawn when the skippers put on their thinking hats, it could lead to a few problems.

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