3 Indian jerseys which could be retired by BCCI

No.7 Jersey

A few years ago, Shardul Thakur donned the No.10 jersey when he made his debut for Team India. Following that, there was a huge debate on the social media. This is mainly because the legendary Sachin Tendulkar was synonymous with the No.10 jersey. India has not retired the jersey but no other player might pick it up. Similarly, a few other jersey numbers could also be either retired or players might not pick it. On that note, in this article, we take a look at 3 Indian jerseys which could be retired by BCCI.

1) 7 - MS Dhoni

The No.7 jersey is arguably the most popular jersey number in India. MS Dhoni is popular with this number and he also has a few brands associated with it. In IPL, Dhoni still dons the No.7 jersey. This a jersey with huge popularity stakes and hence could be retired within a few years. 

2) 18 - Virat Kohli*

The no. 18 jersey is one of the Indian jerseys which could be retired by BCCI. Just like MS Dhoni is associated with the No.7 jersey, Virat Kohli is known for his No.18 jersey. Even No.18 and Virat are associated off the field. In this regard, Virat's jersey could also be retired after his retirement.

3) 45 - Rohit Sharma*

Rohit Sharma's No.45 jersey is also popular amongst the fans of the Indian Cricket Team. Currently leading the Indian Team, Rohit is one of the best limited-overs batters that the game has witnessed in the last few years. He is also a popular cricketer and will go down as a legend. Hence, after his retirement, his jersey might also be retired.

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