3 players Joburg Super Kings might release before next season of SA20

Joburg Super Kings SA20

Despite the average start they had, Johannesburg Super Kings did well to reach the semis of the first season of SA20. However, they lost in the crucial match. While the core of the squad looks set, they might want to make a few changes before the next edition. On that note, in this article, we take a look at three players Joburg Super Kings might release before the next season of SA20.

1) Janneman Malan

There were a lot of expectations from Janneman Malan but in the initial games, the youngster left the fans of JSK disappointed. He still can become a terrific player but it would not be a surprise if the franchise releases him, especially after the other players have stepped up. However, knowing the tradition of Super Kings, they are likely to place faith in the player and inevitably, he is likely to repay it.

2) Aaron Phangiso

Aaron Phangiso is one of the players Joburg Super Kings might release before the next season of SA20. In the second leg of SA20, Phangiso was not allowed to bowl due to suspect bowling action. Irrespective of that, he would have been released, mainly because of his age. JSK will need a good domestic spinner to replace him and that will remain high on their agenda before the next season.

3) George Garton

George Garton did not do well for JSK in the chances he got. There are reports that a few Pakistani cricketers could be available in the next season. Hence, it won't be a surprise if Garton is released ahead of the next auctions. There would be other players who would fit the franchise better.

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