4 active cousin-duos in cricket that you might not know

Cousins in Cricket

Usually, most cricketers start their training when they are kids. Of course, there are also examples like Varun CV in which the players started late. That topic aside, when kids start young, they are usually accompanied by their siblings or cousins. This is all the more prevalent if the coach is also from the same family. Some of these pairs go on to do special things in their careers. In this article, we take a look at four active cousin-duos in cricket that you might not know.

Players from the same family becoming popular cricketers is actually a big thing. Cricket is a competitive sport and for two talents to emerge from one family is a terrific achievement. This has his event hit the extreme when these duos represented their nations together at the same time.

1) Deepak Chahar - Rahul Chahar

Most fans confuse Deepak Chahar and Rahul Chahar to be siblings but they are actually double cousins. At several stages in their young age, Rahul and Deepak were trained together. The duo has already represented the country and they also hold a prominent role in their respective IPL franchises. While Deepak Chahar is still in the scheme of things, Rahul Chahar has fallen down the pecking order. That said, Rahul can make a comeback if he can string a few solid shows, especially in IPL 2023. As for Deepak, he is recovering from an injury and is expected to return to the field soon.

2) Prabhsimran Singh - Anmolpreet Singh

Prabhsimran Singh and Anmolpreet Singh are one of the active cousin-duos in cricket that you might not know. Both these players are top-order batters for Punjab in domestic cricket. Additionally, Prabhsimran is also a wicket-keeper. While the keeper plays for Punjab Kings in IPL, Anmolpreet has been part of the Mumbai Indians setup for a while now.

3) Jason Roy - Shane Snater

Jason Roy and Shane Snater are also one of the active cousin-duos in cricket that you might not know. One of the lesser-known cousin pairs is that of Jason Roy and Shane Snater. While Roy is a popular name, his Zimbabwe-born cousin Shane plays for the Netherlands. In fact, in the recent series between England and the Netherlands, Snater took the prized wicket of his cousin, Roy. English opener Roy is in peak form and is the designated opener for England in the white-ball formats.

4) Doug Bracewell - Michael Bracewell

The Bracewell family has given many cricketers to New Zealand. Doug and Michael are cousins who have played for New Zealand and are active in the game. The former, though, is more close to the national team right now. The all-rounder will play an important role in ODIs and T20Is for his nation.


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