4 cricketers who are good in ODIs than in T20Is

ODI better than T20

Although both are limited-overs formats, there is still a large difference between T20Is and ODIs. While the intent is needed in ODIs, as well, it has to be measured and calculated. In the bowling department, as well, there are differences in constructing a four-over spell as compared to a four-overs quota. On that note, in this article, we take a look at four cricketers who are good in ODIs than in T20Is.

Some players have aced the ODI format but have struggled to do extremely well in T20Is. It is down to their skills and their adaptability to different formats. There are some players who develop themselves for the T20I format and there are some who become better ODI cricketers using specific training techniques. Although the ODI regulars try to do well in the T20s, sometimes it becomes hard for them.

1) Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas Iyer is a highly rated cricketer in IPL and also already played many vital knocks for India in T20Is. However, with a new bunch of aggressive cricketers coming through, Iyer might find it hard to retain his place in the T20I squad. On the other hand, he is doing well in ODIs. He is good against spinners and that makes him the perfect batter to have in the middle overs of an ODI encounter. Iyer has a weakness against the short ball and while playing at No.4 in ODIs, he usually has to face fewer bowlers who could trouble him in that aspect.

2) Shai Hope

Shai Hope is one of the four cricketers who are good in ODIs than in T20Is. While he has an average close to fifty in 100 ODIs so far, the average is less than 18 in the 19 T20I games that he has played so far. This speaks a lot of Shai Hope's expertise in ODI cricket compared to the T20I format. Hence, he is also a part of this list.

3) Mohammed Shami

Shami has had his share of success in T20Is. However, Team India seems to have moved on from him in T20Is when you take a look at the recent selections. However, in ODIs, he is still a part of the team. In fact, he does really well in ODIs, especially with his ability to pick early wickets and also make an impact in the middle overs. 

4) Imam-ul-Haq

The Pakistan cricketer is also one of the four cricketers who are good in ODIs than in T20Is. Usually, players tried in the ODI format also get a chance in T20Is. However, it has not happened much in Imam's case. While he has played over 50 ODIs and has been excellent in them, he has played just 2 T20I encounters so far. In PSL, as well, he has not done greatly. Therefore, he also makes this list.

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