4 players India can groom for the No.6 role in T20Is

Sanju Samson Team India

Before the 2022 T20 World Cup started, it was clear that Dinesh Karthik would play at No.6. This is a finisher's role and DK was the best bet at it. However, now that India has moved on from DK, the management will have to find other options. In this article, we take a look at four players India can groom for the No.6 role in T20Is.

There would be certain requirements to fulfil for a player to be successful at No.6. Firstly, he must have the capability to pull off big shots consistently and for that, raw power and range against pace are necessary. India struggled to have more than six options for bowling in recent tournaments. Hence, it would also be an advantage if the No.6 batter can also provide a few overs with the ball.

1) Sanju Samson

Sanju Samson is one of the players India can groom for the No.6 role in T20Is. It is already clear that the team management is seeing Sanju Samson for the No.6 role. Yes, he might not have played in the recent New Zealand T20I series but that was mainly due to the team combination. Once the seniors come back, Sanju would be an automatic option to slot in at No.6. The other positions are currently not easy to take and hence, for Sanju's career, it would be the best bet to ease into the role of a finisher.

2) Shahrukh Khan

There are not many players in India who can muscle the ball like Andre Russell or Kieron Pollard. This becomes important in a T20 XI. Shahrukh Khan is someone who falls into this category. He has the ability to hit huge sixes. His consistency is a problem but if Shahrukh can work on it, he can become an asset. Moreover, he shall also be helpful with the ball, which will further help the squad.

3) Riyan Parag

Riyan Parag is also one of the players India can groom for the No.6 role in T20Is. The Assam all-rounder has been playing a similar role in IPL for the past few seasons. Despite his young age, Riyan has actually done well in a few games. His success rate is too low but he is still a youngster learning to operate in a difficult role. He has got the skills to become a good finisher and India must groom him for the role. The youngster is also a decent off-spinner, which further adds weight to his case.

4) Abdul Samad

Abdul Samad's current form many not be excellent but like Riyan, he is also a youngster and is working his way towards excellence. While he is brilliant against spinners, the game against pace has scope for improvement. His leg-spin will also be useful for the team he plays for.

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