Australian great slams Moeen Ali for his "horrible" comment on international schedule with IPL remark

Australian great slams Moeen Ali for his "horrible" comment on international schedule with IPL remark
It's been only a few days since England won the T20 World Cup 2022, beating Pakistan in the final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. And now England will face Australia after a gap of just three days in an ODI series.

The veteran English all-rounder Mooen Ali is one of ten English players who are part of the ODI series and also played in the T20 World Cup final. After the World T20 title win, Moeen spoke about the hectic English schedule and called it "shame" that they would not be able to properly celebrate the T20 triumph.

He said that it is horrible that they are playing the next game in just three days' time, which is a total shame, but they have become used to it. He also added that it is never easy for a player to give 100 percent when you are playing back-to-back games.

Furthermore, the all-rounder said that the English team wants to enjoy the World Cup win because it is a big achievement, but it is not something new for them as it has been happening for a while now.

However, his statement for the ODI series against Australia didn't go well with the former 2015 World Cup winning captain, Michael Clarke. He slammed the English all-rounder and said that players shouldn't complain when they are playing at the international level; instead, they should talk about taking rest when they play franchise cricket for money.

Clarke said, "If it was playing in the T20 World Cup and then the next day get on a plane to depart for the IPL, I don't think you'd hear anybody whinge."

The former Australian skipper also added that it is hard for a player to handle such a hectic schedule and travel almost 10 months a year. However, he also said that as an international player, one often gets a break in between schedules, but then the players also choose to play in other competitions like the IPL.

Clarke also spoke on the Australian players and said that during the two schedules there is a proper time to take a break but if they choose to play in the T20 leagues then they can't complain about it.

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