"Blast is the best T20 competition in the world" - David Lloyd believes that T20 Blast is better than IPL

David Lloyd reckons that T20 Blast is better T20 league than the Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League has made its name not only in the T20 leagues around the world but also among the best sports leagues across the globe. It has been the best platform for the players to showcase their skills and learn from the best. That is the reason, undoubtedly, the IPL is the best T20 league in the world.

However, former England cricketer David Lloyd has a different view on that. The 75-year-old, who has worked as a cricket analyst all over the world, believes that the T20 Blast has an upper hand over the IPL in regards to the best T20 leagues. 

The T20 Blast made its entry in 2003, and the IPL was inaugurated in 2008, but the Indian Premier League quickly rose to become one of the best sports leagues in the world. The IPL kept on developing in terms of quality, money and fan engagement.

That is the reason the best players across the world like to play in this marquee league. However, during an interaction with ESPNCricinfo, Llyod shared his views on both leagues.According to Llyod, the difference between the IPL and the T20 Blast is that one is people-driven, whereas the latter benefits the wealthy.

The 75-year-old also mentioned that the IPL falls short on the fun factor. He said, "I have worked on the IPL, but it is a private enterprise and benefiting already wealthy people. The T20 Blast is for the people and bringing money into the game. That’s a major factor for me in saying it is the best."

However, the 75-year-old also stated that the T20 Blast brings joy to the spectators in the UK, and quality-wise, it is better than the IPL. The next edition of the Vitality Blast will kick off on May 25. Kent Spitfires will defend their title that they won last season against Somerset.

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