Here's how the "Impact Player" rule will work in the IPL; Check complete details

Here's how the "Impact Player" rule will work in the IPL; Check complete details
On Friday, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) confirmed that the "impact player" rule will be applied to the next edition of the Indian Premier League in 2023. This unique rule was in discussion for the last few seasons, but finally it will be used in IPL 2023.

According to the Indian Board, the "impact player" will add totally new dimensions to the game in the league. Notably, this tile was used successfully during the recently concluded Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 competition in India.

On Friday, the BCCI said, "From IPL 2023 season, a tactical concept will be introduced to add a new dimension to the IPL, wherein one substitute player per team will be able to take a more active role in an IPL match."

Let's check how the "impact player" works?

The BCCI tried this rule in India's best T20 tournament, providing all teams with tactical benefits. In order to use this rule, the team needs to name four substitute players before the game starts. One of those four players can be used during the game before the 14th over of the inning. He can bat and bowl his full quota of four overs.

IPL impact player rule features

This impact player will not have anything to do with the players he is replacing in the playing XI. It will be totally opposite to Supersub concepts or concussion substitute between 2005 and 2006. An impact player doesn't need to have a like-for-like replacement for the replaced players. Even a bowler can replace a batter on the team.

There will be no restriction on the number of overs or deliveries the impact player is part of. Let's suppose an impact player replaces a bowler who has bowled four overs, but the new player can still bowl his full quota of four overs. Even in the batting order, an impact player can come at any position, and he can also replace a dismissed batter in the team and play as a batsman.

In the middle of an over, an impact player can only be used if the wicket falls or in the case of an injury to a fielder. In that scenario, the injured player who was replaced will not be allowed to take part in the match, not even as a substitute fielder.

However, if the match gets reduced due to rain or another unexpected reason, then this rule will become more confusing. In the case of a 10-over game, the impact player rule will not be applicable. But if the game has more than 10 overs, then the impact player can come into play depending on the rule. Let's take an example. If the game is for 18 overs, then the impact player can be used before the 13th over. In case the first team has used the impact player in their first innings and due to rain the second inning gets shortened, the second team can use the impact player irrespective of the number of overs.

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