Here is the exact reason why BCCI doesn't allow Indian men's cricketers in overseas T20 leagues

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Unlike the other cricket boards, BCCI does not allow the Indian men's cricketers to take part in other T20 leagues. This topic has been discussed many times because many Indian players are losing out on opportunities to gain experience in foreign conditions. However, the Indian cricket board has a solid reason for the same. In this article, we take a look at the exact reason why BCCI doesn't allow Indian men's cricketers in overseas T20 leagues.

No Indian cricketers are allowed in foreign leagues

At the moment, IPL is the only domestic T20 league that has Indian cricketers take part in it. Of course, after retirement, we have seen the likes of Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan in other leagues. However, for the Indians who are popular right now, IPL is the only place where we can watch them. Now, if they play in other tournaments, IPL will not be an exclusive tournament.

As quoted by a BCCI Source to Times Now, it was mentioned "We should not forget that it is because of the Indian players that the IPL is so popular. It is the only league where fans can watch them play. If they start playing in other leagues, it will only increase the viewers’ fatigue. It won’t be exclusive anymore." Since India plays a massive role in the global reach of the sport, IPL wants to maintain that exclusiveness.

BCCI will take a decision soon

That said, it has been revealed that BCCI might allow the lesser popular players to register for other leagues. This is because the IPL franchises are applying pressure on BCCI to have the Indian players participate in other leagues, where these franchises own teams. It is said that in the AGM this September, BCCI could take a decision in this regard.

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