Here is why SA20 League will not happen for the next one week

SA20 postpone

SA20 League has been happening in full-flow for the last few weeks. However, for the next week, until February 2nd, the tournament will happen. Here, we take a look at the reason why SA20 League will not happen the next week.

SA20 will be on a week-long break

Usually, when you take into account any franchise-based T20 league, there is no long break during the competition. Of course, when there was COVID, even big leagues such as the IPL had to discontinue. However, it is surprising that a new tournament like SA20 will be on a week-long break, despite its popularity hitting its peak.

England and South Africa will be involved in a three-match ODI series between Jan 27th and Feb 1st. This is a series that must happen. For South Africa, especially, this series will be very important. This was scheduled in advance and hence, SA20 will not happen during this week since most of the popular Proteas cricketers will play in this ODI assignment.

The board must avoid this in the next seasons

Despite competition from BBL, SA20 and ILT20, SA20 has managed to become the most popular T20 league during this season. From the next season, we can expect players to give first preference to this league and if they do not get a chance, they might look for other opportunities. However, Graeme Smith and co. must avoid the break that happened during the first campaign. It will impact the momentum of the tournament and some of the viewers outside the rainbow nation might even get attracted to the other leagues before SA20 returns. That said, this time, it was unavoidable and may not happen in future.

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