Here's why Rishabh Pant can get 2 match suspension in IPL 2022

Here's why Rishabh Pant can get 2 match suspension in IPL 2022

A ten-team competition has made the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League tougher. As a result, some of the most consistent teams over the years have seen a downfall in performance. Delhi Capitals are also another team that had performed well in the last three seasons, but now they are struggling not just with form but with many issues.

DC has already suffered four losses in their first seven matches, and with six points, they are sitting at the sixth spot on the points table. The team is lacking a quality bowling attack that can perform consistently, and then they don't have a middle order that can chase any target. On top of that, COVID cases in the camp have made the situation worse. 

On the other hand, that no-ball controversy against RR has led to some more problems within the team. Pant has been fined 100% of his match fee, along with a couple of other members who have also been penalised for breaching the IPL code of Conduct at the Wankhede Stadium on Friday against Rajasthan Royals.

DC skipper Rishabh Pant must be thankful that he just faced the penalty for match-fee because it might have led him to a match-ban for two matches as well. As per the rules of Level 2 offence, "The imposition of a fine of between 50-100% of applicable Match Fee and/or a suspension of up to two (2) Matches."

Notably, if there is any such event from the side of the DC skipper in the upcoming matches, that will surely lead to a ban of up to 8 matches. Pant must ensure that he does not repeat that behaviour for the remainder of the tournament. And if it happens, that might be the end of the season for DC without Pant.

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