"If you ask an international player he will say PSL is more competitive than IPL"- Mohammed Rizwan on PSL vs IPL debate

"If you ask an international player they will say PSL is more competitive than IPL"- Mohammed Rizwan on PSL vs IPL debate
Since the inception of the Indian Premier League in 2008, a number of countries have introduced their own T20 leagues to promote their local talent. One such league was introduced in 2016, known as the Pakistan Super League. The PSL has also made its mark in a short time.

Now this league is also counted among the top T20 cricket leagues in the world. And one question that is a point of debate between two countries is which league is better, the IPL or the PSL. However, Pakistan wicketkeeper Mohammed Rizwan has shared his views on it.

Notably, the PSL draft for the upcoming edition in 2023 was held on December 15, with all six franchises picking their set of players for the next season. During that event, Rizwan, who is also the captain of Multan Sultan, praised the PSL and said that it was bigger than the IPL.

He said that earlier they used to say the IPL was bigger, but now if you ask a player who has played in the PSL, they will tell you that the PSL is more competitive than the IPL because even international players sit on the bench.

Rizwan said, "We used to say there is IPL, now if you ask players who go back after playing here, wo keh rahe ki duniya ki sabse tough league jo hai wo hai Pakistan ki hai kyunki isme koi agar reserve player bhi hota hai to internationally bahar baitha hua hota hai bench pe. (They are saying that Pakistan has the toughest league in the world because even our reserve players sit on the bench.)"

Furthermore, he also said that the PSL has surprised everyone with the way it has established itself among the other top leagues. He added that not many gave the PSL a chance to compete with other leagues, but it has not made a name for itself.

However, numbers suggest that the IPL has become more grand over the years. The IPL is a ten-team tournament, while the PSL has six franchises. Meanwhile, KL Rahul was the costliest player in the IPL, worth INR 17 crore, while the costliest player in the PSL was Babar Azam, worth PKR 2.3 crore.

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