More tournaments like IPL will affect Bilateral series, thinks ICC Chairman Greg Barclay

Greg Barclay IPL

Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most successful and famous T20 cricket league in the world. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) organizes the league at a time when almost the entire international calendar is empty. 

All the top players of the world are present during the IPL and in such a situation obviously the bilateral series gets affected. Now International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman Greg Barclay has reiterated the same thing. 

Barclay said said in an interview that domestic competitions can go their own way, however, more events and longer tournaments will have an impact as there are only 365 days in a year. 

He said that if there are more domestic leagues that will attract players, it will definitely have an impact. He said that even if it may not affect the ICC events, but it is seriously gonna affect the bilateral series between International teams.

"So if there are more domestic leagues, that are attracted to the players, so something has to go and I don't think ICC events, which are there every year, and those events have got more teams, so they are going to take longer, so the bit that gets squeezed are the bilateral arrangements," said Barclay.

Till last season, eight teams played in IPL and a total of 60 matches were played in the season. However, two new teams were added to the league before the start of this season and a total of 74 matches were to be played this season. With the arrival of two new teams, 14 matches have been increased and it has also become a full two-month event.

Even though Barkley has expressed concern about the future of bilateral series, he has also praised the IPL fiercely. He said that he is happy to be India after 2 years of no travel and restrictions. He said that he loves IPL and is really happy to be in India for the semi-finals and the Final. He also praised the BCCI for their immense contribution towards cricket.

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