"No venom in India's bowling"- Ex-PAK captain's blunt take on major concern for Team India 

"No venom in India's bowling"- Ex-PAK captain's blunt take on major concern for Team India 
2022 hasn't been that great for Team India. India has been suffering from injuries to their prominent players, which is why their performance in the past two major tournaments hasn't been great. India's bowling has been the country's biggest concern in recent times.

The injury to Jasprit Bumrah has left a big hole in the Indian bowling, which got exposed in the 2022 Asia Cup, when India suffered losses to Sri Lanka and Pakistan and got eliminated from the competition.

However, it wasn't just that; the performance in the T20 World Cup 2022 also had the same story. After suffering a 10-wicket humiliating defeat at the hands of England, the Indian team got eliminated from the tournament. And then, most recently, India lost an ODI game after defending more than 300 runs against New Zealand.

That is what former Indian cricketer Mohammed Kaif pointed out on Sunday in the commentary panel during the second ODI game. And now former Pakistani skipper Salman Butt has made a strong statement on India's bowling attack.

In a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Butt said that with so many 130-kmph bowlers in the lineup, India's bowling lacks the venom that you need to put pressure on the opposition. He added that India should think about it and bring bowlers with extra pace.

He said, “There is no venom in Team India’s bowling that can threaten New Zealand. On a good pitch, the strength of India’s bowling is very limited. When you are playing with that tried and tested 130 kph bowlers, it looks like nothing is changing."

Furthermore, Salman pointed out that apart from Umran Malik, no one else looked like they could trouble the New Zealand batter in the first ODI. Concluding his statement, the former Pakistani skipper said that to ensure a win, India needs to score 370-375, but if they score between 280 and 320, then it will be very difficult for them to defend.

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