Sharjah Cricket Ground registered its name in the Guinness Book of World Records

Sharjah Cricket Ground registered its name in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world and more than 100 countries across the globe play this sport, which shows the popularity of this sport across the planet. However, it is known that the first ever official cricket match was played between England and Australia in 1877.

But do you know which cricket ground has hosted the greatest number of matches in history? For your knowledge, the Sydney Cricket Ground was the venue that had this record, but on Saturday, with a match between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, this record was broken.

The match between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan was the 281st international game hosted by the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, and with this match, this venue has surpassed the record of Sydney Cricket Ground in Australia. In total, Sharjah has hosted a total of 244 ODI matches, 9 Test matches and 28 T20 internationals so far.

It is an incredible and fascinating achievement for a cricket venue in a nation that is not a regular or is an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). As the venue broke the record, the UAE businessman, cricket enthusiast and former chief of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), Abdulrahman Bhukhatir, who played a vital role in bringing the game to the UAE, felt proud.

He said that it is very satisfying and he is thankful to everyone who has watched and enjoyed the game at this venue in the last 40 years. The very first game in the UAE was played in the 80s between India and Pakistan.

Earlier, charity matches were played in the UAE; however, later regular series started to be played. It was once the home ground of Pakistan, and it was used as a neutral venue. Later, it was also the home ground for Afghanistan's team.

Sharjah has always produced some of the most memorable matches in the history of the game. The last game between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan was another thrilling match, which was full of action and tension.

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