Watch: English batter Charlie Dean tries to mock Deepti Sharma in domestic game within 24 hours

Watch: English batter Charlie Dean tries to mock Deepti Sharma in domestic game
On Saturday, India's women's team defeated England's women's team by 16 runs to whitewash the hosts 3-0 for the first time in England. However, it did end well as England's last wicket, which was dismissed with a mankad by Deepti Sharma, caught the attention of the whole world.

And now, within 24 hours, the batter, Charlie Dean, who was run out by Deepti, tried it on another player during a domestic match. Dean, who came out to bowl during a domestic match, tried to run out at the bowler's end as the non-striker was backing way early.

The video of this incident is getting viral on social media and fans are amused to see this as the batter, who was seen crying after getting run out, trying to do the same with another batter.

Yesterday's incident took place in the 44th over of the chase. Deepti was bowling to England's number elevan batter, Freya Davies. Dean, who was at the bowler's end, tried to go early to take a sharp single, and in this attempt, she was way outside the non-striker's end.

Seeing the opportunity, Deepti, who was in her delivery stride, turned back and dislodged the ball to run Dean out, who was out of her crease, which resulted in a wicket loss for the hosts, and India won the match by 16 runs to complete the 3-0 whitewash.

Dean's run out resulted in the crowd's boos and the cricketing world was divided into two parts. However, as per the rules suggested by the International Cricket Council (ICC), it is fair to run out a batter who leaves the bowling crease before the bowler bowls a ball.

Dean was batting well on 47 runs and was the last hope of the hosts to pull off the chase. However, that run out attracted contrasting reactions from both the teams. England were seen amused in the dressing room, and India were happy to win the series 3-0.

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