"Didn’t Recognise Him"- Bus Driver Susheel who dragged Rishabh Pant from the burning car

"Didn’t Recognise Him"- Bus Driver Susheel who dragged Rishabh Pant from the burning car

Indian star wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant met with an unfortunate accident on Friday morning when he was going back to his hometown of Roorkee from Delhi. He was driving his SUV, which collided with the divider and caught fire.

Pant was lucky that he broke the front glass to come out of the burning car. Later, he was rushed to Roorkee Hospital. He suffered some serious injuries to his head, knees, and back. Pant has been a key member of the Indian team over the last few years.

Many former and current cricketers, along with cricket experts and fans, prayed for the speedy recovery of the left-hander. However, the first person to ever come to Pant for help was Susheel, who is a bus driver for the Haryana Roadways.

In a discussion with NDTV, Susheel said that he ran quickly towards the divider, and the car was burning badly. He also added that because he doesn't watch much cricket, he didn't know much about him.

Susheel said, "I thought the car would flip under the bus as it was turning over and over before it stopped. The driver (Mr Pant) was half out of the window. He told me he’s a cricketer. I don’t watch cricket and I didn’t know this is Rishabh Pant is. But others in my bus recognized him."

He also said that after dragging him away from the car, he called for emergency services. He took him to the nearby hospital and also gave him a shawl, as he was not wearing anything.

Pant told the police that he dogged off and it happened. He was going to his home to surprise his mom with a visit so that he could celebrate the new year with his family. However, he was unconscious when he reached the hospital. The medical report confirmed that there is no fracture, but it will take at least 6–8 months to recover.

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