"Was a bit torturous"- Abhinav Bindra reveals how Rahul Dravid's knock helped him win an Olympic Gold

"Was a bit torturous"- Abhinav Bindra reveals how Rahul Dravid's knock helped him win an Olympic Gold

One of the most sporting icons of India, Abhinav Bindra, who won India's first gold medal in shooting in the2008 Beijing Olympics, has revealed how a knock from Rahul Dravid gave him the required inspiration to win the first individual gold in India's history in shooting.

He also stated that Dravid's innings were important in the development of Indian sports in many ways. It was during a test match at Sydeny Cricket Ground between India and Australia in January 2008 that Dravid, who was batting at a score of 18, played his next 40 balls for dot and then took a run.

As he took the run of the 41st ball, the crowd as well acknowledged the batter and gave him a standing ovation in the stands. In the latest podcast, called "In the Zone," Bindra revealed his conversation with Rahul Dravid.

He said, "I want to talk about one particular innings of yours which had a big role to play in my career by the way. For me, it was your most important innings because it taught me a lot... It was the game where you scored one run after 40 consecutive dot balls."

The shooter further said that it was the Olympic year and he was in Australia for his fitness camp. He also added that it was a struggling time for him to get his name in the competition and do well for the country. That is why he used to be nervous and impatient sometimes, which was very troubling.

The shooter added that to not think so much, he decided to watch cricket on TV. He mentioned that knock and said that the innings was full of patience and that those 40 back-to-back dot balls taught him a lot.

He added, "So I want to thank you. That innings had a big role to play... in Indian sports history because it helped in that Olympic season."

Bindra concluded the conversation by saying that he is glad it happened and that he benefited from the knock. However, he also said that it was a bit torturous for most people, including him, to watch, but he is thankful for that.

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