Pakistan Super League is set to clash with Indian Premier League in 2025

Pakistan Super League is set to clash with Indian Premier League in 2025

India and Pakistan are the biggest rivals in the game of sports. And in cricket, this rivarly is at a totally different level. It is not just restricted to the team, players or performances. In fact, there is a really big debate about the T20 leagues of both countries.

It is all about the Indian Premier League against the Pakistan Super League. Fans from both nations always promote their country's league over others. However, the statistics and numbers suggest that the IPL is one of the biggest sporting leagues, and certainly the biggest in cricket.

The prime reason is that it was the first ever T20 league of its kind. And there has always been some speculation among fans that star players prefer one league over another one. However, both leagues are played in separate windows. But the mega-clash between the two leagues is around the corner.

Because of the packed schedule for Pakistan, including the Champions Trophy in 2025, the schedule for the Pakistan Super League will clash with the schedule of the Indian Premier League in 2025. The IPL, which is a two-and-a-half month tournament, runs in a separate window between March and early July.

Pakistan will host the Champions Trophy in 2025 in February. As a result, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was forced to delay the 2025 season of the PSL until between March and May instead of its usual schedule of January and February.

It means the PSL will compete with the world's biggest, cash-rich league in 2025. It will make the situation more interesting to see which league the players who play in both leagues will have to choose one from. And this will be the first time when both leagues will go face-off against each other.

Earlier, Pakistan missed the hosting chance of top teams due to security reasons in the last three Future Tours and Programmes Cycles (FTP). But with the new FTP 2023–2027, top teams will play games in Pakistan, including the Champions Trophy. 

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