"Told him not to take captaincy, reach Virat Kohli's level first"- Pakistan cricketer on Babar Azam's poor captaincy

"Don't take up captaincy, reach Virat Kohli's level first"- Veteran Pakistan player on Babar Azam's poor captaincy

Babar Azam is one of the leading batsmen in modern day cricket who is equally good in all three formats of the game. That is the reason that he is the only player in the world at the moment who is ranked in the top three across all three formats.

But being the skipper of his national side shows how good he is. The overall records suggest that Pakistan has done really well when it comes to playing the bilateral series under the leadership of Babar. But one thing that makes you shine as a captain is winning the big tournaments.

Although Pakistan made it to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2021 and the final of the Asia Cup, they didn't win the tournament. And after a poor performance in the final of the Asia Cup against Sri Lanka, many have criticised Babar for his captaincy and tactics.

Sri Lanka, who were struggling at 58/5, went on to make 170 runs and then won the final to lift the trophy. Veteran Pakistan wicket-keeper batter Kamran Akmal has made a shocking revelation about Babar Azam taking the captaincy role.

As per the report by Hindustan Times, Akmal revealed on his YouTube channel that he asked Babar to not become the captain and concentrate on his batting first. He recalled the moment during a T20I in Faisalabad, when the 27-year-old came out for a toss, then he himself suggested Babar to not take the captaincy and instead perform for the next 2-3 years first.

Akmal added, "I told him back in the day but it was his decision. Those who were close to him, must have spoken to him and advised him to take up captaincy. I told him to give his best performances in the next 2-3 years. Reach Virat Kohli's level first."

Furthermore, the veteran wicket-keeper revealed that he suggested the 27-year-old to focus on his batting more because he was batting well and scoring runs consistently. However, Akmal also said that the captaincy pressure will be there, which has started to show.

However, Akmal also pointed out that if Pakistan remove him as the captain right now, it will be a huge blunder and it will also hurt Pakistan's improvement that they have achieved in the past few years.

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