"Haath me Twitter aaye toh ye rules bhi nahi dekhte"- Ex-Pak legend slammed Brad Hogg for his "dead ball" tweet

"Haath me Twitter aaye toh ye rules bhi nahi dekhte"- Ex-Pak legend slammed Brad Hogg for his "dead ball" tweet

The game between India and Pakistan was one of the best games that one could ever wish for. It had everything that a fan wanted to see in a match. The drama, competition, humor, incredible bowling performances, and much more

But still, the hangover from that last over by Mohammad Nawaz is there with the fans. Many fans from other sides of the border still think that the waist-high full toss bowled by Nawaz was not a no-ball and some also believe that those three runs taken by the Indians off the free hit should be a dead ball.

However, as per the official decisions and cricket rules, that was a no-ball and if the ball hits the stumps on a free hit and batters take runs, it will add to the team's total, not the batsman's tally.

Even skipper Babar Azama and other Pakistani players were seen arguing with the on-field umpires on those decisions and were asked to signal the free-hit as a dead ball. Not just Pakistani players and fans, former Australian spinner Brad Hogg was seen tweeting about the incidents and questioned umpiring decisions in the last over.

He tweeted, "Why was no ball not reviewed, then how can it not be a dead ball when Kohli was bowled on a free hit."

The rule says that if the batter is dismissed, the ball is considered a dead ball, but because it was a free hit and Kohli couldn't get dismissed, it was in play and those runs were added to the team's total. However, that tweet from Hogg caught the attention of many.

Even the former Pakistani pacer, Aaqib Javed, mocked the former Australian spinner for his tweet. He also went on to say that Hogg doesn't know about the rule at all.

Aaqib said, "When they get a chance to tweet, they don't care about the rules. They just have to tweet. Our problem is that we agree to whatever these guys say."

The Men in Green were looking good for most of the game. But an incredible innings from Virat Kohli sealed the deal for India. He made an unbeaten 82 off 53 balls to win the game. Now Pakistan will face Zimbabwe in their next game on Thursday (October 27) at the SCG, on the same day after India will play the Netherlands at the same venue.

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