"Hope he doesn't fire against us"- England's assistant coach Michael Hussey on an Indian superstar

"Hope he doesn't fire against us"- England's assistant coach Michael Hussey on an Indian superstar

The ongoing T20 World Cup has reached the knockout stages, with four teams competing in the semi-finals. India qualified for the semi-finals rather easily from their group with four wins out of the five games they played.

Now, the Men in Blue will take on England in the semi-final, which will take place on Thursday, November 10 at the Adelaide Oval. This game will be a blockbuster contest between the two batting-heavy sides of the competition. Many have already predicted that the winner between these two will go on to win the final as well.

Although England just edged past Australia because of the better NRR and made it to the knockout stage, they will still be a tough opponent when it comes to playing a white-ball game. Both India and England put everything on the line to cross the boundary.

As said, both teams have a number of match-winners in their lineups, especially in the batting order. England has the likes of Jos Buttler and Alex Hales at the top, while India has certainly got the best middle order with Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav in it.

India will be more dependent on the way Virat and Suryakumar perform against England. Both batters have shown some consistency and are the leading run scorers in the competition. In particular, SKY, who has batted in a totally different way and has succeeded in playing impactful knocks throughout the competition.

He has scored 225 runs at a staggering strike rate of 193.97, which is the most ever by a batter in the history of the T20 World Cup while facing 100+ deliveries. That is why even English batting consultant Micky Hussey is also hoping that the Indian star doesn't score much against them on Thursday.

In an interview with Sportstar, Hussey admitted that he likes watching SKY bat, but he also hopes that he doesn't end up scoring runs against England. He said that he has always loved watching the way Indian star bat, and that is how he plays in the IPL as well.

Hussey stated, "He has been doing it for a number of years in the IPL. And now to do it consistently at the highest level, it's great to watch. Personally, love watching him bat. Obviously, I hope he doesn't get a big score against England on Thursday (laughs)."

Furthermore, the English batting consultant also spoke on how big the game will be between India and England. He said that both teams are fantastic and it will be an incredible game of cricket. However, Hussey also spoke on the challenge they will have to face against India.

He said that India has always come hard at England, and they are expecting the same, which is why England will play their best to challenge India. Hussey concluded that this will be a great match and a perfect challenge to reach the final of the competition at the MCG.

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