"No excuses for what has been done"- Here's how N Jagadeesan reacts on showing "middle finger" to Baba Aparajith in TNPL 

"No excuses for what has been done"- Here's how N Jagadeesan reacted on showing "middle finger" incident to Baba Aparajith in TNPL 

While going back to the dug-out, Jagadeesan looked back at the bowler and showed him the middle finger, which was a shameful act by him. But not once. Even after removing his gloves, he once again did the same thing towards the bowler. However, it happened in the heat of the moment.

But because of this, the batter faced a backlash from many fans and cricket pundits. Many also criticised him on different social media platforms. And now it looks like Jagadeesan has realized the blunder he has made and issued an apology publicly.

The 26-year-old took to Twitter and shared a tweet from his official account and has apologized. He wrote,"My deepest apologies to all of you for my inexcusable behaviour at yesterday's match. Cricket has always been what I live for - and the sportsmanship that comes along with the sport is something I deeply respect. Which is why it is very hard for me to digest how I reacted."

Jagadeesan also stated that there is no excuse for what he did and that he now recognizes that it was wrong. However, he cleared that because he is passionate about the game and it all happened in the heat of the moment.

Speaking of the match, it ended in the most dramatic way. Batting first, Nellai Royal Kings made 184/4 in their 20 overs. Chasing the target, Chepauk Super Gillies Innings also had the same score at the end of their batting innings. Thus, the match was tied and it was Nellai Royal Kings, who won the super over.

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