Marcus Stoinis Talks About A Brilliant Advice That MS Dhoni Gave Him 

Stoinis - MSD

Marcus Stoinis is one of the best all-rounders in T20 cricket in this generation. That said, he still has plenty to offer to the game and the teams that he represents. Recently, while speaking on The Grade Cricketer's YouTube channel, he talked about the advice that MS Dhoni gave him.

Stoinis has established himself as a reliable all-rounder

Although at the start, he took a while to impress, Stoinis took quick strides in establishing himself as a reliable all-rounder. In the Big Bash League, he did extremely well with the bat, opening the gates to various other T20 leagues. He has been doing well in the Indian Premier League in recent years. Stoinis has represented Delhi Capitals in the last two editions.

The Aussie talks about his conversation about MS Dhoni

Stoinis recently spoke about his conversation about MS Dhoni. He said that they mainly talked about the art of finishing games. MSD said that there are two finishers, one who tries to take risks early and the other who takes the game till the end. Stoinis identified himself as the one who takes the game till the end, and MSD said that for such players, he would put the fielders back. 

Stoinis also revealed that MS Dhoni said, "Work on your weakness as long as it's not taking anything away from your strength." The Aussie has had to adapt to different positions in the batting line-up. He said that MSD's advice was useful. Further, talking about Dhoni's philosophy, Stoinis told, "He said the main thing for him was how he controls his breathing and heart rate, and that's what he focusses on to allow him to access his skills because he trusts himself that he's done the work."

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