New Zealand-born Dutch cricketer ready to join IPL team as resident DJ

New Zealand

New Zealand are one of the most popular teams in the cricketing world. The Blackcaps won the inaugural ICC World Test Championship and finished runners-up in the previous two ICC Cricket World Cups. 

Kane Williamson and co. are on the brink of qualifying for the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 semifinals. This shows how consistent the New Zealand cricket team has been in the sport.

However, one of the players born in New Zealand, namely Max O’ Dowd is currently playing for the Netherlands cricket team. He was a part of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 for the Dutch team. Unfortunately, the Netherlands team could not qualify for the Super 12 stage, but Max O’Dowd impressed fans with his batting. 

Now, Max O’Dowd hopes to play in the Indian Premier League one day. He is even ready to join the teams as a resident DJ or a player who boosts the morale. 

Earlier, he had proposed that the IPL teams should have a rule of playing at least one player from associate nations. Here’s what he had written:

“Thoughts on teams in the IPL having two spots for associate players? Long shot but a guy can dream.”

It seems Max O’Dowd is very desperate to play in the IPL soon. Here’s what he tweeted today:

“Okay hear me out, instead of getting picked up in the IPL as a player, I’ll gladly go as the resident DJ for any team, boost team morale etc.”

He also posted a video of himself playing the DJ. You can see those tweets right here. 



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