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While the remainder of Indian Premier League 2021 will be held in the United Arab Emirates from September, reportedly, the Board of Control for Cricket in India has already finalized all the details regarding the Indian Premier League 2022 auction.

According to the latest report by Times of India, the governing body of Indian cricket, the BCCI has already chalked out a plan for the new season of IPL with the introduction of 2 new franchises, player retention, mega auction, and increased purse for all the franchises during the auction, while a new media rights could be in the plan as well.

It was doing rounds that two new franchises will be introduced for IPL 2021, but due to the pandemic, the plan was shifted for IPL 2022; however, again, there were rumors that two new IPL franchises would be introduced for IPL 2023, but it's now reportedly confirmed that the two new franchises would be joining from IPL 2022 and a tender for it will be opened by August and all likely to be finalized before the IPL 2021 final.

IPL Auction Purse may also increase

It has also been informed that this year the purse for the IPL 2022 auction will also be increased. According to the reports, the purse will be increased to 90 crores from 85 crores, while over the years, it will keep on growing, and by 2024, it will be 100 crores.

With the mega auction in line for IPL 2022, all the franchises must release all their players except for four players, the maximum number of players a franchise can retain before the IPL auction. However, there is a condition added to it. A franchise can keep four players, of which it has to be 3 Indians and one overseas or 2 Indians and two overseas.

The teams will have to face a deduction in the overall purse after player retention. The player retention is as follows, Rs 15 crore, Rs 11 crore, and Rs 7 crore if three players are retained, Rs 12.5 and Rs 8.5 crore if two players are retained, and Rs 12.5 crore if only one player is retained.

And the BCCI is also planning a massive new media rights deal, and this could be initiated by the end of 2021. With new teams coming in and the number of matches increasing, the BCCI hopes to grab a massive media rights deal that will start from 2023.

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