Sunil Gavaskar Picks The Next Captain For India In T20I Cricket

Sunil Gavaskar

Virat Kohli will step down as India's T20I captain after the upcoming T20 World Cup. Hence, the discussion is on as to who would replace Virat. In this article, we take a look at Sunil Gavaskar's choice to replace Virat at the helm of Team India in T20I cricket.

Virat had announced his decision a few weeks ago

Although it was on the cards, Virat's decision to give up his T20I captaincy still came as a shocker. He cited the issue of workload and intent to contribute more with the bat as the main reason behind stepping down.

A few days later after the decision, Virat even stated that he would be stepping down as RCB's captain after the ongoing campaign. Hence, Virat will not be a captain in any form of T20 cricket.

Sunil Gavaskar picks Rohit Sharma to be the successor

Former India opener has opined that Rohit Sharma will be the best option to replace Virat. Regarding this, while speaking on Star Sports, the legendary cricketer said,  "Definitely, Rohit Sharma for the next World Cup. With World Cups back-to-back, you don't want too many changes in captaincy."

Gavaskar felt that with another T20 World Cup set to take place in 2022, it is best that India does not tinker too much with the captaincy duties. Rohit Sharma has enough experience in the role, having led Mumbai Indians to five titles in IPL. Hence, Gavaskar's choice was Rohit.

On the other hand, Sunil Gavaskar also talked about the vice-captaincy choices at the moment for India. He said that KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant would be the best options available. Both are a consistent part of the T20 Team and hence, it would ideal to give them the role. For the moment, though, Gavaskar felt that KL Rahul would be his choice.

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