Venkatesh Prasad's mouth-shutting reply to Javed Miandad's "go to hell" remark on India's denial to travel to Pakistan

Venkatesh Prasad comes up with a mouth-shutting reply to Javed Miandad's "go to hell" remark on India's denial to travel to Pakistan
The next edition of the Asia Cup is scheduled to take place in Pakistan in 2023. And BCCI secretary Jay Shah confirmed that India will not travel to Pakistan for the 2023 Asia Cup.

However, it didn't go well for Pakistan. As a result, the former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja said that if India would not come to Pakistan, then the Pakistani team would also not go to India for the 2023 ODI World Cup. And it didn't end there.

However, even Raza was sacked from the chairman position, and Nizam Sethi was appointed as the new PCB chairman. Despite all that, the top officials from the PCB also said that India not coming to Pakistan will affect Pakistan's decision to travel to India for the ODI World Cup.

To that, former Pakistani skipper Javed Miandad made a pretty controversial statement about Team India travelling to Pakistan for the Asia Cup. In a video uploaded on YouTube, he said that if India doesn't want to come to Pakistan so they can go to hell, Pakistan does not need India to survive.

Miandad said, "I have always been saying, if India don't to come, we don't care. We are getting our cricket. It's ICC's job to control such things, else there's no point of having a governing body. ICC should have one rule for every country. If such teams don't come, no matter how strong they are, you should remove them."

That statement didn't go over well with many former cricketers and fans. As a result, former Indian pacer Venkatesh Prasad came up with an epic reply. He wrote in a tweet, "But they are refusing to go to hell."

Some media reports confirmed that Pakistan might not host the edition in their country and the venue might get changed. The UAE is the front-runner to host the edition, while Pakistan will be the official host. The new venue for the Asia Cup will be decided in March 2023.

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