5 Football Kits That Would Look Great As Cricket Kit

Football Kits That Would Look Great

In any sport, kits form a crucial part in many aspects. Especially in a team game, a side must identify itself with a particular hue. Moreover, it is also necessary from the commercial point of view that teams don an impressive jersey. This goes a long way in helping a team becoming a brand. In this article, we take a look at five football kits that would look great as a cricket kit.

Football is a sport where kits are very important. Often, we see almost every club signing up for a kit deal. This is one of the major sources of income for a football club. Although kits are not debated as much in cricket, there is, nevertheless, attention given. Here, we talk about an interesting scenario where a few football kits would appear on a cricketer.

1) Juventus (Home)

Juventus' home uniform is one of the best football kits that would look great as a cricket kit. The Turin-based club is popular for the black-and-white stripes that have been synonymous with the brand of the team. In cricket, it is rare to see a team sport a coloured jersey with white as the dominant colour. Hence, such a type of colouring on a cricket kit would look fresh and impressive.

2) Borussia Dortmund (Home)

A 'yellow' kit is popular in cricket as well. In fact, it is also one of the most popular colours in the game, with dominant teams like Australia and Chennai Super Kings donning it. That said, Dortmund's kit is a mix of yellow and black with the former being the predominant colour. It has an edge to it that has earned many fans across the globe. The design on the jersey is also on point and deserves praise. It would be interesting to see if a similar jersey is used by a cricket team.

3) Ajax (Away)

Ajax's home kit is a popular one and has also a long history. However, the club experiments with its's away jersey, which is actually the tactic almost every club employs. For the current season, the Dutch club has an interesting jersey, that is a mix of a few colours. This would look very interesting on a cricket field, especially in a day and night game.

4) Chelsea (Home)

The Chelsea kit is also one of the football kits that would look great as a cricket kit. Known as the 'Blues', Chelsea has had a blue kit for the home fixtures throughout its history. Although there has been criticism of the kit in recent years, for the current season, the London-based clubs seems to have got it right. They have a neat blue base and the pattern on the jersey is very eye-catchy. The players are also looking good in the jersey and it would not be a surprise if a few cricketers also look stunning in it.

5) Nigeria (Home)

Many might disagree but actually, the Nigerian jersey would be different amidst the conventional colours and design used by kit manufactures. When it was released, the Nigerian kit got instant attention on social media. The colour was fairly new, and the design was unorthodox, and many wondered if it would look good in the park. However, so far, the kit has done its job. We feel it would work in cricket, as well.

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