5 International Records In Which MS Dhoni Is Ranked No.1

Dhoni Records

MS Dhoni is a legend not only in Indian cricket but in world cricket. Despite having an unorthodox technique with the bat, he managed to pull so many amazing feats in the game. Of course, his wicket-keeping and captaincy do not need any introduction. In this article, we take a look at five International records in which MS Dhoni is ranked No.1 at the moment.

MS Dhoni is the leader of multiple records in both international and franchise cricket. The captain who won all the three ICC events in his career at his time, we look at five records in which MS is still the No.1.

1) Highest individual ODI score by a wicket-keeper - 183*

It was when he was new in his career that MS Dhoni achieved this feat. He scored 183 runs and remained not-out in the knock. For a cricketer who was just new on the block, this was a special achievement. Especially for a wicket-keeper, the score of 183 is something not many have achieved. In fact, although it is close to two decades for the record, not many have come close to it. However, there are a couple of candidates in the game who can overcome it in the coming years.

2) Most matches as a captain who kept wickets - In all three formats

In all three formats of the game, no other player has captained and kept wickets in the same match more than MS Dhoni. A wicket-keeper has to concentrate both on his skills with the glove and the bat. When he/she is given the task of captain the squad, it will be an added responsibility. However, MS Dhoni took it in his stride and did the job amazingly well. He also has trophies to show for this. Hence, this is one of the International records in which MS Dhoni is ranked No.1 at the moment.

3) Most career stumpings - In ODIs and T20Is

In recent years, no wicket-keeper has been as fluent as MS Dhoni behind the stumps. While he has pulled off amazing catches now and then, it is with his stumpings that MSD impressed most of the viewers. His reflexes were too quick, and even now, when he is close to 40, MSD's attentiveness behind the stumps is still the same. The Ranchi cricketer also has a keen eye for the game situation, which further helped him pull off these stumpings.

4) Most consecutive T20I innings without a duck - 84

In his first T20I game, MS Dhoni was out for a duck. However, until he retired, he never scored a duck again in his T20I career. That is an unbelievable statistic for a player, who is known for his fearlessness and big-hitting abilities. It is not that MSD has been conservative while batting in T20Is. He enjoys a terrific strike rate and mostly batted in the lower middle-order where the pressure was intense. Yet, Dhoni was never out on a duck for 84 games continuously.

5) Most T20I matches as captain - 72

At the moment, no other captain in T20I cricket has skippered more games than MS Dhoni. When T20 cricket was born, MS Dhoni was in the scene, and he also got an early chance to captain Team India. That said, there are many other cricketers who captained their squads at that time and are still active in the game but are not their team's skipper anymore. It was only because of MSD's astute captaincy skills that helped him survive long in the format.

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