6 Most Tried And Imitated Bowling Actions Of This Era By Fans

Tried And Imitated Bowling Actions

Cricket is a sport that enjoys a passionate fanbase. Especially in the subcontinent, you could see almost every street packed with kids with a bat or a ball in hand. In this article, we take a look at five of the most tried and imitated bowling actions of this era by the fans.

At least for the fans and those who play non-professional cricket, batting is the department that is dear for them. However, without someone bowling, cricket cannot happen. When these fans try bowling, they usually try imitating the action of their favourite bowlers. Sometimes, they also try some innovative actions of a few players whom they see regularly on TV. We talk about five such actions of this era in this article.

1) Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah is one of the recent players whose action is one of the most tried and imitated bowling actions of this era by the fans. The reason for this is pretty simple. Bumrah's action is very unorthodox and catchy for the viewers who have been fed with conventional bowling actions most of the time. Moreover, Bumrah has achieved so much success that he is the hero of many budding cricketers across the globe. Hence, his action has been tried a lot.

2) Harbhajan Singh

Having made his debut at the break of this century, Harbhajan Singh's action received instant attention. Compared to the other off-spinners, Bhajji had a fairly longer runup and there was a graceful movement of his arms which gave a unique touch to his bowling action. Hence, many on the roads started emulating Bhajji's bowling style. A few of them also found success in exactly copying it. At the moment, Bhajji is close to retirement and will look to finish IPL 2021 on a good note.

3) Shoaib Akthar

Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akthar was synonymous with the word 'pace' at the peak of his career. He rattled the best of batters with his continuous barrage of fast deliveries. Also, the player's action was simple and it gave the feeling that his action helped him a lot in generating the pace. Hence, many began trying this out action too.

4) Lasith Malinga

Sri Lanka has never disappointed in giving bowlers with unorthodox actions to the game. Many of these bowlers have also been successful in their trade. Lasith Malinga is one such cricketer. Aside from fans trying out his hairstyle, a few have also imitated his bowling action. Till Malinga, very few bowlers had employed the 'sling' action to perfection as the Lankan did. Therefore many fans tried his bowling out apart from also experimenting to pull off the player's trademark toe-crushers.

5) Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan's bowling formation is one of the most tried and imitated bowling actions of this era by the fans. When the Sri Lankan legend was at his peak, there were many rumours about his bowling action being illegal. At the same time, Muralitharan was getting a terrific spin on the ball, something very few bowlers could achieve. All of this had the fans trying out this action in their backyard.

6) Zaheer Khan

Another player whose action was imitated often was that of Zaheer Khan's. The left-arm pacer had a neat and an organized action which prompted many to try out. There were a few who also tried Zaheer's seam-position, which was actually one of the main reasons why he got many wickets. Also, India is not known to produce many left-arm pacers, and when one is finding success, he is likely to start a trend. This was the case with Zaheer Khan.

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