6 Popular Relations Of Some Cricketers That You Might Not Know

Babar Azam, Babar Azam and Dinesh Karthik

Cricket is one of the leading games on the globe. Many nations consider cricket an important sport. Hence, we see new teams getting added to the ICC roster every season. A lot of players also make their debut very often. In this article, we tell to you a few popular relations of some cricketers that you may not have been aware of.

Two talents being born in the same family is not an uncommon occurrence. However, as a player gets famous, sometimes, these relations could go under the radar. When you become knowledgeable of it, it can give a different perspective to a whole lot of things.

1) Dinesh Karthik - Susan Itticheria

Dinesh Karthik has been in the international fold for 17 years. He made his debut in 2004, and since then, DK has been in and around the Indian Team. As we all know, his wife is Dipika Pallikkal, the country's leading squash player. Incidentally, Dipika's mother is someone close to cricket. She is Susan Itticheria, someone who has represented India. Hence, DK's mother-in-law is a former international cricketer, a relation that many of us were not aware of. With regards to his cricketing form, DK might struggle to force a comeback, but he must stick to continuing to do the good work.

2) Babar Azam - Akmal Brothers

Babar Azam is currently Pakistan's No.1 cricketer across all formats. The right-hander is also in the race to get into the Fab 4 of world cricket. Interestingly, he is the first cousin of the Akmal brothers. The controversial Akmal brothers themselves had a decent career for Pakistan. They are all also related to former Pakistan cricketer Abdul Qadir.

3) Imran Khan - Misbah-ul-Haq

Here is one of the popular relations of some cricketers that's really interesting. The World Cup-winning captain of Pakistan and the current Prime Minister of the country Imran Khan is related to Misbah-ul-Haq, the current coach of the Pakistan team. Misbah is a distant cousin of Imran Khan.

4) Mitchell Starc - Brandon Starc

Mitchell Starc's wife is a cricketer and that is a piece of well-known information. Healy's family also has a cricketing lineage. Not just that, Mitchell Starc's brother Brandon Starc is also a celebrity in his own right. He is a high jumper and has even won a gold medal for his country at the Commonwealth Games.

5) Mushfiqur Rahim - Mahmudullah

Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmudullah have been at the centre of Bangladeshi cricket in the last decade. Together, they have taken their country to a victory in many games. Interestingly, the duo also has a relationship outside the field. They are brothers-in-law and, amazingly, two members from the same family have achieved so much together for their country.

6) Sunil Joshi - Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi is an Indian vocalist who was an expert in the Hindustani classical tradition. He was also known for his mesmerizing voice. For his contributions to the field of music, the Indian Government had conferred him with the Bharat Ratna. Sunil Joshi, the former Indian spinner was his relative. Sunil has himself revealed that the legend is his relation from his father's side. This is one of the popular relations of some cricketers that was unknown to many.

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