A Strong Balanced Unlucky Indian Cricketers XI Of This Era

Unlucky Indian Cricketers

India is a nation that is brim with aspiring cricketers. However, there are only eleven members who can represent the nation and hence, a few players, despite being talented, never make the cut. In this article, we take a look at a strong balanced unlucky Indian cricketers XI of this era.

It so happens that a few players just cannot represent Team India for a long period of time. Sometimes, their form goes down at the wrong time, and in other instances, luck does not favour them. In effect, these cricketers do not get justification for the talent they possess. Hence, they can be labelled as unlucky cricketers.

Openers: Sheldon Jackson (WK) and Wasim Jaffer (C)

Sheldon Jackson has been in form for the last decade or so in the domestic competitions. The wicket-keeper batsman has done well across all the formats of the game. However, he has not got a chance to play for Team India. At the moment, getting it is difficult with a couple of youngsters in the picture.

Although Wasim Jaffer played 31 Tests for India, he never got the backing when he fell out of form. Despite when he was scoring runs for fun in domestic cricket, Wasim did not get another chance to play for India. He also captains this squad for his experience.

Middle-Order: S Badrinath, Amol Muzumdar, Karun Nair, and Manoj Tiwary

India has always been a factory for talented batsmen. Hence, unless you are supremely talented, it is very hard to get a chance in the middle-order. Even if you have got the talent, luck must be on the player's side to make an impact.

S Badrinath scored a lot of runs for Tamil Nadu in the top order. He was technically proficient but played very few games for India. Amol Muzumdar owned plenty of Ranji batting records at his peak. However, he never played for India. Despite scoring a triple-hundred, Karun Nair hardly got chances after that game. Manoj Tiwary's is also a similar case as he did not get sufficient opportunities after he scored a hundred. Hence, these players form the core of the middle-order of this strong balanced unlucky Indian cricketers XI of this era.

All-Rounders: Abhishek Nayar and Jalaj Saxena

Abhishek Nayar was a domestic stalwart but never played many games for India. The team would have benefited by having a medium-pace bowling all-rounder in the reserves. However, the player did not get too many games. Jalaj Saxena, as well, has been performing well but is yet to get his due with Team India.

Bowlers: Amit Mishra, Jaydev Unadkat, and Pankaj Singh

Amit Mishra, Jaydev Unadkat and Pankaj Singh will headline the bowling attack of this strong balanced unlucky Indian cricketers XI of this era. Mishra, despite being a top IPL wicket-taker has had very few chances with Team India. He was also not given opportunities to shine in Tests when he actually did well in the limited-opportunities he got. Jaydev Unadkat is a consistent performer in domestic cricket but has been ignored for the Test Team. Pankaj Singh was rated very highly but injuries and bad form did not allow him to elevate his career.

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