Tim Paine reacts after Indian fans troll him for his comments

Tim Paine reacts after Indian fans troll him for his comments

It seems that the man who started with a banter against Rishabh Pant, a couple of years back, have now developed a full-blown animosity towards India. Tim Paine has come up with an extraordinary message claiming that India is exceptionally sterling at the mind games that led to Australia's series defeat in the Tests.

India managed to chronicle a stunning comeback, thanks to some resolute spirits from their players. Despite being depleted through injuries, they held on to their nerves, belted out a brazen display, and notched up a victory so massive that it would ring in the ears of the Australians for ages to come.

The defeat hurt the Australians and scarred their Test captain, Tim Paine, at an emotional level. Speaking at a function for the Chapell Foundation, he cited, "Part of the challenge of playing against India is they're very good at niggling you and trying to distract you with stuff that doesn't really matter and there were times in that series where we fell for that."

He also continued, "The classic example was when they said they weren't going to the Gabba, so we didn't know where we were going. They're very good at creating these sideshows, and we took our eye off the ball."

Paine, who was also the one spearheading the Australian unit in 2019 after Smith being divested off the captaincy, was at the receiving end as Kohli and company secured a comprehensive series win Down Under.

Paine will be up against a formidable challenge as Australia will be locking horns against an emasculated Afghanistan which will be followed by the reckoning Ashes tour.

A scintillating topsy-turvy showdown in the 2019 Ashes helped Australians retain the iconic trophy, but things would be far more different when they take the field now.

Tim Paine comes up with a tweet to react to his criticism

If we keep aside the speech and the upcoming national duties of Australians and their outgoing skipper, he came up with another witty response in the evening after catching fire from the criticism that Twitteratti embossed in the most glaring letters.

He tweeted in the evening, "Love their passion, Brent. Most of it I deserve."

Things aren't the same like they used to be. Tim Paine is fighting a mind war of his own with the Indian audience now that Rishabh Pant is busy focusing on honing himself as an eminent wicket-keeping batsman of the team.

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