WATCH: When a Cricket fan earned 5000 dollars for a one handed catch

New Zealand Super Smash

We know how vital is fielding in modern cricket. There are no cricket fans who haven't heard the phrase, "catches wins you matches," and so true that is.
In the history of cricket, we have seen that dropping a catch has changed the complexity of the match, and a spectacular catch can win you a game that your team was losing.

We have seen some excellent boundary line catches from the supermans, or should we call them superhuman of cricket, the likes of AB De Villiers are a prominent example of it.

But what about someone taking a catch from the audience. In a match of New Zealand's domestic T20 league Super Smash between Otago Volts and Wellington Firebirds, a fan from the crowd took a spectacular one-handed catch, and because of that, the fan, who goes by the name Andrew McCulloch, won a cash price that is worth 5000 dollars.

As per reports, due to some sponsorship, there is a rule in the Super Smash that if a fan from the crowd can take a straightforward one-handed catch, he will be awarded a cash price of 5000 dollars. 

Andrew McCulloch later revealed to the media that he would use the cash price to pay off his debts. You can watch video of catch here:

We all know that cricket is a bat and ball game, but we can't deny how vital fielding has now become in cricket. A normal cricketer can't pull off the spectacular catches as there is a huge requirement of physical fitness and athletic.

Some most wonderful fielders we have seen are the man we call Mr. 360, AB De Villiers, Faf Du Plessis, Ravindra Jadeja, Manish Pandey, Ben Stokes, and they're so many that we can't name them all here.

After seeing all these, we can all say that fielding has become a key aspect of cricket and the obvious ones bat and ball.

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