When Mickie James disclosed the name of her childhood crush

When Mickie James disclosed the name of her childhood crush

Veteran WWE female Superstar Mickie James has earned the respect of the professional wrestling community with her fantastic in-ring performances. She has not wrestled a lot of late, but she has been contributing to WWE in different ways. 

Mickie James had made her WWE main roster debut back in 2005. She received a push and won the Women’s Championship on multiple occasions. In her second stint with the Vince McMahon-owned pro wrestling company, Mickie made appearances in NXT during the year 2016. 

When she was away from WWE, Mickie performed in TNA/ IMPACT Wrestling. After coming back to WWE, she joined hands with Alexa Bliss on the SmackDown Live roster. She helped her retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship in a match against Becky Lynch. 

After working as Alexa Bliss’ ally for months, Mickie then turned face and chased the RAW Women’s Championship. Her rivalry with Alexa was one of the top feuds on RAW. Unfortunately, Mickie James could not dethrone Alexa Bliss as the RAW Women’s Champion then. 

When Mickie James was asked about her childhood crush 

Everyone has childhood crushes on celebrities, and WWE Superstar Mickie James appeared in a Valentine’s Day Special Video of WWE Pop Question on February 13, 2020, where she answered the question of her childhood crush.

Mickie James was a bit surprised when WWE asked her this question, but then she quickly replied AC Slater.

“Oh my Gosh, AC Slater!” Mickie James answered. 

Mickie James’ childhood crush was Albert Clifford Slater, who is in Saved By The Bell. It is pertinent to note that Mickie was not the only female Superstar who picked a Saved The Bell character as her childhood celebrity crush. 

Former RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch also named a Saved By The Bell character. She revealed she had once married a poster of Zack Morris when she was just eight years old. 

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