Explained: Here's how SRH can qualify for IPL 2021 Playoffs without NRR calculation

SRH Playoffs

Many fans feel that the Sunrisers Hyderabad have been eliminated from the 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League. However, the same is not true. In fact, the IPL 2016 champions can make it to the playoffs even without any net run rate calculations!

In this article today, we will present to you the one scenario where the Sunrisers Hyderabad can finish fourth on the standings. Yesterday, they beat the Rajasthan Royals and kept their hopes alive of qualifying for the IPL 2021 Playoffs. 

The Sunrisers Hyderabad currently have four points in ten matches. They have four matches left. First and foremost, they need to win their remaining four fixtures. Their remaining matches are against the Chennai Super Kings, the Kolkata Knight Riders, the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Mumbai Indians. 

The opponents of SRH in the race to the playoffs are Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. For Hyderabad to qualify for the IPL 2021 Playoffs, each of these four teams should win one match only. Then, they will have ten points, while SRH will have 12 points. 

Detailed Explanation of How SRH can finish fourth in IPL 2021 points table? 

We have prepared a detailed explanation of how the results should go for Sunrisers Hyderabad so that they can qualify for the playoffs without any calculations of net run rate coming into the picture. Here is the playoffs scenario: 


The Sunrisers Hyderabad have slender chances of qualifying for the playoffs. But in the IPL, it is never say never. SRH should keep fighting, and perhaps they can miraculously sneak into the IPL 2021 playoffs. Like Rashid Khan had said before in this season, SRH must treat every game as a final now and try to win. It will be exciting to see if SRH can qualify.

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