Henry Nicholls plays This or That Challenge and makes interesting choices

Henry Nicholls

This is the inaugural season of the ICC World Test Championship. It started in 2019, in the pre-pandemic era. With most of the year 2020 passed in quarantine and home-staying, the final test match is set to be played between New Zealand and India from 18th to 22nd June. 

As the Cricket world gears up for the World Test Championship later this month, the hype and preparations are in full flow. Player interviews and conversations are being held to the build-up ahead of the prestigious final.

Recently, the Kiwi Wicketkeeper-Batsman Henry Nicholls was asked to do a "THIS OR THAT" challenge in an interview with ESPNcricinfo. 

Henry Nicholls is a middle-order batsman who is equally efficient in keeping the wickets. Making his ODI debut in December 2015, Nicholls is considered a handy player in the longer formats of the game. His stats show that the test format seems to be his most preferred. He boasts a test average of 45, while his ODI average is 36. Among a few other questions, the keeper was asked a couple of prominent questions that have caught the eyes of the fans. 

Babar Azam or Virat Kohli? Henry Nicholls names the better cover drive player


"Kohli's Cover Drive OR Babar Azam's cover drive"


"Kohli's cover drive.. not by much, they're both very, very beautiful cover drives."

The cricket fraternity has always been in awe of these elegant batsmen. Virat Kohli and Babar Azam. Moreover, the India-Pakistan rivalry has always been so spicy that there have been comparisons over the batsmen's playing style and talent very often. 


"Ashwin in India, or Anderson in England, who is harder to face?"


"I haven't faced Anderson in England, maybe later in the later of the year. Nor have I faced Ashwin in India. I am about to face both of them, so maybe I can tell you by the end of the year as to who's tougher, but again both are incredible obviously, there's no right answer here."

Ashwin and Anderson have both been their respective countries' talismans in the game's longest format for quite a long time now. Ashwin hasn't played anything other than test cricket since 2017. Jimmy Anderson's last T20I appearance dates back to 2009, while he earned his last ODI cap back in 2015. The England pacer has bagged 615 wickets in test cricket, while the Indian finger-spinner has scalped 409 test wickets. These numbers cry out loud about their significance in the test format. 

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