Sehwag Criticizes Dinesh Karthik Over Ashwin-Morgan Controversy


The "Spirit of Cricket" debate is trending at the moment in the world of cricket. This got triggered after the heated exchange between R Ashwin and Eoin Morgan in a recent IPL game between Delhi Capitals and KKR. The issue has spiralled out of control and most outlets are now talking about it. Meanwhile, Virender Sehwag has criticized Dinesh Karthik for making the issue so big.

Ashwin and Morgan were involved in a heated exchange

In the game between DC and KKR, a ball from a KKR outfielder hit Rishabh Pant and ricocheted off to an overthrow. R Ashwin called for another run and completed it.

A few minutes later, R Ashwin got out. Tim Southee had a few words with him, and Eoin Morgan joined the discussion. Dinesh Karthik helped in bringing the situation back to control. Later, Ashwin collected Morgan's wicket and celebrated wildly. All of it led to the discussions if Ashwin actually did the right thing while on the field.

Viru tells DK is the reason for making the issue big

In the post-match virtual press conference, Dinesh Karthik revealed exactly what happened on the field. It is only after this that the entire issue got out of hand. Virender Sehwag felt that if DK had kept quiet at that time, things would have not become so big.

Speaking on Star Sports, he said, "I consider Dinesh Karthik the biggest culprit in all this. If he had not talked about what Morgan said, there would have been no such uproar. If he had said, "It was nothing much, just an argument, it happens in the game, move on," then it would have come out in that sense only. What was the need for an explanation that someone thinks this or that?"

Meanwhile, KKR is fighting hard for a spot in the playoffs while DC is close to it. Both Morgan and Ashwin will have to play important roles for their sides.


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